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Together we can Deliver on your Vision and Values.

Please email through your enquiry to [email protected]. We will take a look at the problem you want to solve, discuss what you value in solutions delivered, and set a course for achieving a solution that delivers on your vision and values.

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Services & Solutions

The possible solutions start from simple blogs or websites to complex business solutions.

You also get to select how involved you want to be in the maintenance of the resulting solution, from not having to do anything to getting fully involved in the editing and maintainance of the solution.

Solutions are delivered using the tools listed below.

- General consultation: $50 per hour
- Project: $90 per hour
- Response to major incidents within 24 hours: $150 per hour

A minimum of 10 hours for the initial work, no minimum thereafter.

All work has a three weeks warranty period.


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Solutions have been proudly and successfully delivered for the following clients.

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